Cinema continues to be one of the most impactful mediums, not only due to the size of the screen but because the consumers are actively engaged in the experience having ‘opted in’.

Cinema has the lowest ad avoidance of all media, Cinemagoers are in a relaxed and excited state but most importantly focussed on the big screen forming a deep engagement with brand messages.

Cinema provides unique audiences for many advertisers as Cinemagoers are light TV viewers enabling brands to expand the reach of their TV campaign.

Cinema is also now more accessible to advertisers than ever before. TV adverts can be easily converted for digital screens (we can help you with this!) and with buying routes including by site, by film and guaranteed specific target market audience delivery campaigns: it has never been more targeted.

We have excellent relationships with DCM and Pearl & Dean, ensuing we are constantly kept abreast of new opportunities and best planning methods.

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